2 Day Reykjavík Winter Dive Tour

  • Diving in extreme visibility between tectonic plates
  • Diving the deeper darker sister of Silfra
  • Unmissable Golden Circle tour
  • Northen Lights tour into the Icelandic wilderness

Divers perfect getaway tour

The 2 Day winter dive tour gives divers the opportunity to dive two spectacular freshwater fissures throughout the Icelandic winter. We will dive the world famous Silfra fissure as well as Davíðsgjá, its deeper and darker sister. These two sites are uniquely Icelandic and offer exceptional visibility and unparalleled underwater landscapes. Winter in Iceland offers only short periods of daylight, so this tour is an excellent way to combine some adventurous diving with sensational winter landscapes, sightseeing and the chance to experience the northern lights! Every experience in this package is operated as a private tour.

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ISK 119000
EUR 795.95
USD 863.13
GBP 681.59


  • A professional dive guide for 2 days
  • 2 dives in 2 locations
  • Pick up and transportation to and from sites
  • Golden Circle sightseeing tour
  • Northern Lights tour
  • Scuba tanks and weights
  • Entrance fee to Fontana spa and Silfra
  • Non-diver includes a snorkeling tours in Davíðsgjá and Silfra


  • Accomodation
  • All meals and beverages
  • Diving equipment (other than cylinders and weights)
  • All other activities
  • Everything not stated in the itinerary


  • Beginner scuba diving certification (PADI Open Water or equivalent)
  • Either a drysuit certification or a minimum of 10 logged dry suit dives. Dry suit course is available before the trip.
  • Have read, signed, and followed directions on the Diving Medical Statement
  • Have our Diving Medical form signed off by a doctor if they are aged 60 or older
  • Fit within our drysuit size chart if you need to rent our equipment
  • Be able to communicate in English
  • Not be pregnant

Group Size

3 to 12 divers

Minimum Age

18 (17 if accompanied by parent/guardian)


For this tour to be confirmed, a minimum of 3 passengers has to be met. If the tour is not confirmed you will get a full refund.
We will plan for two dives though in temperatures below zero often only a single dive will be possible.

Day 1

Day 1: Diving in Davíðsgjá & Northern lights

On the first day we will begin by exploring Davíðsgjá , an expansive lava ravine in Þingvellir national park . Davíðsgjá offers the same extraordinary visibility and rare underwater landscape as Silfra, while being deeper and more extended that its little sister. If conditions allow we will do two dives at this location and explore two sections of the fissure that offer distinct landscapes on. After our dives we will drive you back to your hotel in Reykjavik. Once the fleeting winter sun has set completely, we will regroup and head into the Icelandic wilderness for a visit to the newly built Northern Lights Observatory at Aurora Basecamp . Here you will learn everything there is to know about the lights, including how to photograph them. You will then be ready to go on your very own Northern Lights hunt!

Day 2

Day 2: Dive in Silfra & Golden circle tour

On our second day of the tour, we travel to the most spectacular dive site in Iceland, Silfra. Once we are geared up we will take a few steps down a purpose-built ladder and make contact with the world’s clearest water. It is so pure, we recommend taking a sip. Ranked as one of the greatest cold water dive sites of the world, diving in this glacial melt water filled tectonic lava fissure is truly an unforgettable experience not to be missed by any diving enthusiast. After warming up with some hot chocolate we will do the most popular sightseeing route in Iceland, The Golden Circle.
Our first stop will be at the Geysir geothermal area that contains two active geysers and many boiling hot pots. Geysir means geyser in Icelandic and Geysir is also the name of the oldest geyser, which at the moment erupts rarely. The most active geyser is called Strokkur and it's the country’s most famous hot spring. Strokkur shoots massive jets of boiling water that range between 20 metres (65 feet) and 40 metres (130 feet) high, every 5-10 minutes. The sulfurous water paints and sculpts the land in marvelous ways. The Geysir area has long been a popular and impressive site to visit both for Icelanders and foreigners.
Our next stop is only a 5-minute drive away where we take a good look at Gullfoss , the most iconic and most photographed waterfall in Iceland. Gullfoss means 'Golden Waterfall ' in Icelandic, and if you get to visit Gullfoss on a sunny day you will see that it is aptly named. The powerful falls create a mist that, when caught by the sunlight, covers the whole area in a shimmering golden veil. The canyon walls on both sides of the waterfall reach heights of up to 70 metres (230 feet), descending into the great Gullfossgjúfur canyon.And that's not all that is impressive about Gullfoss. You can't visit the site without reading the fascinating story of Sigríður Tómasdóttir, the Icelandic heroine that spent her life fighting for Gullfoss and defending it from industrialization.
We will end our two day winter adventure with a unique experience where we get to know the healing powers of the geothermal springs. Soak in a natural pool, listen to the bubbling hot spring in the steam rooms, or for the most adventurous, take a dip in the refreshing lake at the Laugarvatn Fontana Geothermal baths

Equipment list

  • Your diving certification cards and, if possible, your diving log book
  • Proof of dry suit experience, either have a dry suit specialty course certification card or minimum 10 logged dry suit dives in the past two years signed by an instructor.
  • Warm outdoor clothing (Parka or down jacket, hat and gloves), long underwear, thick warm socks, swimwear and towel. Thermal underwear recommended.
  • If you wear glasses, please bring contact lenses or your own prescription mask if you have one.
  • Your private scuba gear (dry suit, BCD and regulators can also be rented from us)

Departures and availability


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